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Welcome to EW Simulation Technology Australia.

Specialists in Multi-Spectral Electronic Support, Electronic Protection, Electronic Attack and Radar Target Simulation Systems.

EW Simulation Technology Australia (EWST-A) is an Australian company, specialising in the marketing, implementation, integration and through life support of EWST designed and manufactured Multi-Spectral Threat and Countermeasures Stimulators for EW test, evaluation and training.

The Company was established to provide in-country support to EWST and was founded in 2000. It has a proven support record for systems within country. EWST UK has been established in the radar threat and EA simulator business since 1984 and has a well-proven and distinguished record of accomplishment worldwide. The success of EWST has been through the supply of high quality products together with a total commitment to post sales service and logistic support.

EWST-A manages a continuous support improvement philosophy with technical offices in Nowra and South Australia. EWST-A operates a fully documented quality control system certified to ISO9001:2008. EWST has supplied over 100 simulation equipments to naval, air force, army and civilian customers in more than 17 countries around the globe. Backed by a network of local sales and representative offices, and with a related facility in Nowra, Australia, EWST offers a total capability for marketing, sales, design, manufacture and support of its radar threat and countermeasures simulator products.

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